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Footy Maths Returns!! Round 1 Results & Ladder

The 2010 Grade 5/6 Footy Maths competition kicked off on Friday 28 May with 12 teams playing the first round of the season. The ‘No Name’ team blasted their way to the top of the ladder with a blistering 4-0 win, “we were ready from the first bounce and didn’t let up…it was an awesome team effort” their Captain proudly stated.

All the results from Round 1 are listed below. You can download the 2010 Ladder and Fixture by clicking on this link – Footy Maths 2010

Results Round 1:
Fuzz Balls 0 v AFL 3
King Kong 0 v Redskins 1
Minnie Mouse Clubhouse 3 v Dragons 0
Six Smarties 0 v No Names 4
Mathematical Superstars 0 v Rolling Stars 2

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