Carrum PS

5 Star Sustainable


We would love to hear from you! Your child’s teacher is always willing to discuss his/her progress during the term, although it is preferred that you arrange a meeting time in advance.

Telephone: (03) 9772 1117

Carrum Primary School
2-6 Church Road
Carrum, Victoria. 3197

PO Box 156
Seaford VIC 3198

School Hours
9.00am – 10.40am (Class Time)
10.40am – 11.10am (Recess)
11.10am – 12.50pm (Class Time)
12.50pm – 1.50pm (Lunch)
1.50pm – 3.30pm (Class Time)

General Enquiries
[email protected]

Enrolment Enquiries
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Staff 2022
Principal:  Clem Langford
Assistant Principal:  Cassie Kennedy
Learning Specialist – Disability Inclusion:  Karin Dudley
Learning Specialist – STEAM/Engagement:  Marcus Mulcahy
Numeracy PLT leader:  Jess Hodson
Grade 5/6J:  Alex Johnson
Grade 5/6H:  Jessica Holford
Grade 5/6W:  Rebecca Wormell
Tutor 5/6:  Phillip Akeroyd
Tutor/Intervention – 5/6:  Zac Vansittart
Grade 3/4D:  Narelle Derix
Grade 3/4M:  Laura Murray
Grade 3/4P:  Matt Pascazio
Grade 3/4R:  Jordyn Radecki
Intervention – 3/4:  Steve Watling
Grade 1/2B:  Ryan Bouy
Grade 1/2F:  Kellie Ferguson
Grade 1/2I:  Ingrid Smith
Grade 1/2M:  Lauren McInnes
Grade 1/2S:  Bianca Scarola
Grade Prep A: Ellicia Anderson
Grade Prep N:  Rachel Nicholls
Grade Prep S:  Julie Shaw / Gill Murphy
Tutor P-2:  Nuala Martin
Intervention P-2:  Gabbi Bolton
Art/Music:  Wendy Hodges
PE:  Zac Vansittart
Language – Mandarin:  Flora Leung
Kitchen/Garden Specialist:  Jane Barnett
Business Manager:  Clare Bennett
Admin Assistant:  Rebecca Schefman
Education Support:  Lynn Andrew
Education Support:  Angelica Calderon
Education Support:  Keira Corrie
Education Support:  Lynda O’Connor