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August 23, 2011
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Local artist Paul Baker sails into Carrum

Donna Bauer, Walter and Harriet admire our new shield

Carrum is buzzing over our wonderful new addition to the original Carrum Primary School building.

Paul Baker, our own local artist, has generously spent days creating a masterpiece which can be viewed from the Church Road entrance. The school emblem has been captured as a 3D replica, masterfully sculptured with a concrete render and proudly displayed on the Prep wall for all to see.

The much anticipated garden to be planted as part of our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen garden program has been altered to ensure our shield will remain visible to all who pass by. Featured here is Walter and Harriet with local MP Donna Bauer who was suitably impressed by the skill and effort Mr Baker has dedicated to the shield. On behalf of everyone at Carrum Primary School and the wider community, thank you!

March 31, 2011
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What a week in Prep!

What an exciting week we’ve had in Prep this week! Yesterday we had our first incursion and had lots of fun with ‘Suds n Bubbles’. The Preps learnt all about how bubbles are made and used many different tools and techniques to make as many different kinds of bubbles as they could.

Today the Preps participated in their first Reward Day activity. Reward Day activities are run each Term to celebrate children who have followed our school rules whilst in the yard at playtime. Today’s activities involved multi aged groups participating in a variety of activities ranging from computers, painting, outside games, board games as well as singing and dancing.

Great work Preppies!

June 9, 2010
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Preps tinkering with toys

Thank you so much to all of our parents who have shown us their work tools over the last two weeks. We had an incursion yesterday to learn more about how tools work. We had great fun making a Humpty Dumpty that climbs up the wall and a Roly Poly man that never falls over!

You can watch all the action below.