Carrum PS

5 Star Sustainable


A comprehensive and balanced curriculum, suited to the needs of our students is offered through seven year sequential programs in the Discipline Based Learning Areas of Mathematics, The Arts, English, Humanities, Science, and LOTE (German) as well as offering the Physical, Personal and Social Learning areas of Health and Physical Education, Civics and Citizenship, Personal and Interpersonal learning. The Interdisciplinary Learning areas of Communication, Design, Creativity and Technology, Digital Technology and Thinking are also incorporated into our program in both stand alone and integrated program development and delivery. These programs are enhanced by the provision of specialist teaching in the areas of Reading Recovery/intervention, Extension/Enrichment, PE, Classroom and Instrumental music, Drama, Visual Arts, LOTE and an effective integration program.

Our core curriculum is further enriched by activities such as our camping program (Grades 3-6), Intensive swimming program (Prep–6), Interschool sport (Grade 5-6), Perceptual Motor Program (Prep), Annual whole school performance, school choir, Junior School Council, House leadership structure, Recycling and environmental program, Peer Support program, Buddies Program, House system activities, Bike Education, Life Education, and strong links to our local preschool and secondary college.

Our staff have a wide range of qualifications in diverse areas such as media and communication, gifted and talented education, special needs, arts and drama, languages, physical and outdoor education, science, maths, early childhood, librarianship, computers and financial management.

Our school buildings reflect our commitment to the best possible educational outcomes for our students – in both their clever flexible design and the way we are able to use the learning spaces we have created for our pupils.

The school has a well utilised library/resource area and learning technology centre. A large multi purpose area is used for a diverse range of activities from assemblies to special events, drama, music, performances, PE, PMP, and the like. The prep area and classroom kitchen area cater for our ever expanding programs relating to environmental sustainability.

The school is organised into junior, middle and senior areas, correlating with the Victorian Curriculum. Best practise teaching strategies and philosophies are deployed by all teachers at the school with great success, particularly the use of Early Years and Middle Years programs.

We are proud of our academic strengths and celebrate our students achievements in all areas of endeavour.