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September 9, 2011
by carrumps
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First Anniversary Celebration!!

Last night we celebrated the First Anniversary of our Carrum Community Toastmasters Club. Lots of local people, lots of beautiful food, it was a fantastic night.

Our next gathering is on Thursday, 22 September at 7.00pm. We’d love to see you there!

July 16, 2010
by carrumps
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Toastmasters Demo Meeting 15/7/10

Toastmasters Demonstration Meeting

We came from a variety of backgrounds, with different experience levels in public speaking, all with the aim of improving our ability and confidence in this area of our lives.  We learnt how Toastmaster meetings are run, we practised the different roles required to run a successful Toastmaster meeting and some of us even gave short impromptu speeches, all under the guidance and support of experienced Toastmasters David Hughes, Terry Barridge and Robyn O’Donnell.

We had a fantastic first meeting with eight members from our school community in attendance, all excited about the prospect of getting this club off the ground and improving our public speaking skills along the way.

The aim of the Toastmasters Club is to give you the skills and confidence needed to express yourself in any situation, in a friendly and supportive environment.

The aim of this meeting was to assist us at Carrum Primary School to start our own community Toastmasters Club.  We need a minimum of twenty people for us to run our own club, and with the enthusiasm of last night this shouldn’t take too long to reach.  We would love to see more of our school community come along, it’s not too late as we are all still in the learning stage of Toastmasters!

We are planning on meeting every 2nd Thursday (next meeting 29th July) at Carrum Primary School. The meeting runs between 7.00 and 9.00pm and is open to anyone over 18 who is interested in improving their personal and professional communication skills.

Carrum Primary School Council has endorsed this fantastic initiative and will be funding the getting started kits that each person will receive once we have the numbers to form our own Toastmasters Club.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting, any questions please contact Marcus Mulcahy at Carrum Primary School.

May 22, 2010
by carrumps
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New Public Speaking Club at Carrum Primary School

If you’re keen to develop your
Public Speaking skill, our new Toastmasters Club at Carrum Primary School is the perfect forum. Toastmasters is a Club for parents of Carrum students (past and present) and local members of our community who are keen to learn how to:

– deliver a variety of speeches on topics of interest to you and your audience

– speak off the cuff

– research and prepare speeches

– evaluate other speakers

– mentor and coach fellow club members

– organise and run meetings

– conduct, judge and participate in speech contests

– tell stories, present awards and introduce speakers

If you’re interested or intrigued by this opportunity please see Year 5/6 Teacher,
Marcus Mulcahy or call the school on 97721117.